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Friday, January 1, 2010

Screw Session Vol1 (mixed by Phat Koknoz)

First in the series of the Screw Session mixes. This goes from the mellow sounds of Breakage through to a couple of the years best wobblers near the end. A mixture of old and new tracks, but mainly newly released stuff by a variety of different artists. Phat Koknoz also throws in a couple of unreleased tracks of his own to mellow the mood further. Watch out for vol2 involving only unsigned artists - coming soon. Full Tracklist below.

Torrent Download (needs utorrent or similar)

Screw Session Vol1 (mixed by Phat Koknoz) by Renegade Screw


1. Noam Chomsky Speech / Breakage - Rain at 0.01
2. Rhythm & Sound - King Version at 2.40
3. Burial - Fostercare at 5.06
4. Phat Koknoz - Distance / Noam Chomsky Speech at 6.02
5. Pangaea - You & ! at 9.45
6. Mount Kimbie - Sketch On Glass at 11.46
7. Lee Perry - Yellow Tongue Version (Kode 9 remix) at 16.01
8. F - Night Dive at 18.16
9. Four Tet - Love Cry (Joy Orbison Remix) at 20.32
10. Phat Koknoz - Long Walk / Dark Night at 21.57
11. Giant - Drumstick at 24.13
12. Excision / Datsik - Swagga at 26.55
13. Indigo / Synkro - Alabama 28.47
14. 16 Bit - Jump at 31.48
15. Loefah - Beat Them at 33.15

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