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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Release 07 On Renegade Screw (RS07) - Vandalene - 8141/5n81 [Tape Sessions 1]

Vandalene - 8141/5n81
Year: 2014

Vandalene returns to the fray with his first long-player, and the first in a possible series of conceptual tape sessions entitled '8141/5n81'.

The tape sessions concept involves taking the finished music and recording it hot onto high speed cassette using an old 4-track recorder retrieved from a wastebasket. The tapes are then baked sultana-style under the natural heat of the hot European sun for several weeks before being converted back into the digital format.

Although the album begins with thumb pianos that recall Vandalene's previous work, an altogether more graveyard house sound ensues, with punishing levels of bass caught up between croaking kick drums, which melt against a warm blur of melodic sounds and are eventually smothered and smeared by pop, snap, crackle, hiss and hi-hats.

(release date 18 May 2014)

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Streaming available from player below the tracklist

1.Rik 09:12
2.Neatch 05:51
3.Blueberry Cheese 04:58
4.From Nade 05:25
5.Fagjazz 03:31
6.Docket 02:57
7.Young Peter 04:19
8.Pirate Cage 04:23

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Release 06 on Renegade Screw (RS06) - Blind Foley - Around The World In 8 Delays

Blind Foley - Around The World In 8 Delays
Year: 2014

With no definitive scene around him Foley took the idea to gather up every sound, thought and feeling and has travelled the world capturing audio from the changing environments he has visited. His album has seen him capture audio snapshots of the differing countries to render these into an album of complex and mesmerising audio compositions.

What came out was a fruitful journey that made its way through an incredible number of locations, people and genres with sounds ranging between industrial haunts to the alluring and curious.

Dismissing the tendency of acoustic ecologists to elevate sacralised natural soundscapes in a predicable manner, Foley manages to capture the power in sound that pulses and vibrates in unique an unexpected places. Translated through manipulation with these polyrhythmic patterns, visuals and songs Foley would like the audience to be able to evoke thought and emotion as he shares his take and experience of each location.

The natural stages for the recordings which also appear as the track names are as follows; Edinburgh, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Joshua Tree National Park. These locations are all places Foley has visited, with his microphone in his endeavour to capture natural sound over the cultural, a battle of sound vs. music.

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Also available in various formats from Bandcamp

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Release 05 on Renegade Screw (RS05) - Vandalene - Spamula EP

Vandalene - Spamula EP
Year: 2010

The first Vandalene release on Renegade Screw 'Spamula EP' showcases his unique take on house and techno music with drops of African thumb pianos, Steve Reich inspired repetition and a whole lot of gritty character.

Opening the EP is the Four Tet indebted 'Back On Track' with its pulsing house bassline and driving drums exploding into a melody of kalimbas to end the track. The next track is 'Four Kalimbas' with obvious reference to Reich, this is more ambient than the previous track whilst continuing the African vibe.

The dark 'Get Me Our Money' follows with its dubby vocal cuts and funky bassline changing the mood of the EP. The next track is the very slow moving, ambient 'Trains' which continues the dub feel with nods to Basic Channel and Aphex Twin’s ambient works.

The EP climaxes on the stand-out track 'Mephedrone' which is dowsed in darkness. A droning bassline accompanies paranoid piano sounds crackling within a ferocious minimal techno beat.

MP3 320kbps (High Speed Torrent Download)

'Back On Track' is available to listen to in the player below

Vandalene - Back On Track (MP3 320kbps) by Renegade Screw

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Screw Session Vol2 (mixed by Phat Koknoz)

The second in the series of Screw Session mixes, this one is supplied completely by Soundcloud artists. The mix goes from the sort of wonky hip-hop of Flying Lotus, passing through the chilled sounds of late-night atmospheric dubstep and ending with some real bass-heavy dubs. Containing some of last years best tracks along with 2 tracks from Koknoz's recently released PK2 EP.

Torrent Download (needs Utorrent or similar program)

Screw Set Vol 2 - Soundcloud Artists (mixed by Phat Koknoz) by Renegade Screw

1. X.Liminal - S/H at 0.01
2. Pixelord - Quartz Boy at 1.20
3. Bohko - Marlowe at 2.56
4. Smith - Mad Murk at 4.09
5. DanMatic - Fargone at 5.43
6. Phat Koknoz - Homeless at 7.44
7. Ohbliv - Badarou at 10.00
8. Shlohmo - Socks at 12.24
9. DAM! BEER - Shogun at 14.13
10. AL_PD - Purp Troll at 15.13
11. Phat Koknoz - Secrets at 16.01
12. AEON - Sector 3 at 16.49
13. Polizei - Turn The Lights Down at 18.18
14. Skru - Sparks at 19.54
15. The Beta Band - Dragons (J.Rogers Mix) at 22.50
16. Sinister Source Feat The SK - Sun God Ra at 23.56
17. Lethargik - Smartie Death at 24.52
18. Kigma - Break The Limit at 26.00
19. The Super Stereo Bros - Future Breaks at 28.34
20. Milhyoo - Rockmehew at 30.40
21. Fabian - Retroform at 32.11
22. Soft Wasp - Playin' Dodgeball With Bullets at 33.29
23. Depone - Haitian Dreams at 34.50
24. Phat Koknoz - Foolish (Blind Foley Remix) at 36.01
25. Haegen - Teatime Dub at 37.24
26. SP18 - Move A Muscle at 39.23
27. Magic Mash - M.A.G.I.C at 42.02
28. Shatterfreak - Ugmo at 43.35
29. Panika - Diabel Bezczelny at 44.43