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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Release 07 On Renegade Screw (RS07) - Vandalene - 8141/5n81 [Tape Sessions 1]

Vandalene - 8141/5n81
Year: 2014

Vandalene returns to the fray with his first long-player, and the first in a possible series of conceptual tape sessions entitled '8141/5n81'.

The tape sessions concept involves taking the finished music and recording it hot onto high speed cassette using an old 4-track recorder retrieved from a wastebasket. The tapes are then baked sultana-style under the natural heat of the hot European sun for several weeks before being converted back into the digital format.

Although the album begins with thumb pianos that recall Vandalene's previous work, an altogether more graveyard house sound ensues, with punishing levels of bass caught up between croaking kick drums, which melt against a warm blur of melodic sounds and are eventually smothered and smeared by pop, snap, crackle, hiss and hi-hats.

(release date 18 May 2014)

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Streaming available from player below the tracklist

1.Rik 09:12
2.Neatch 05:51
3.Blueberry Cheese 04:58
4.From Nade 05:25
5.Fagjazz 03:31
6.Docket 02:57
7.Young Peter 04:19
8.Pirate Cage 04:23

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