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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Release 05 on Renegade Screw (RS05) - Vandalene - Spamula EP

Vandalene - Spamula EP
Year: 2010

The first Vandalene release on Renegade Screw 'Spamula EP' showcases his unique take on house and techno music with drops of African thumb pianos, Steve Reich inspired repetition and a whole lot of gritty character.

Opening the EP is the Four Tet indebted 'Back On Track' with its pulsing house bassline and driving drums exploding into a melody of kalimbas to end the track. The next track is 'Four Kalimbas' with obvious reference to Reich, this is more ambient than the previous track whilst continuing the African vibe.

The dark 'Get Me Our Money' follows with its dubby vocal cuts and funky bassline changing the mood of the EP. The next track is the very slow moving, ambient 'Trains' which continues the dub feel with nods to Basic Channel and Aphex Twin’s ambient works.

The EP climaxes on the stand-out track 'Mephedrone' which is dowsed in darkness. A droning bassline accompanies paranoid piano sounds crackling within a ferocious minimal techno beat.

MP3 320kbps (High Speed Torrent Download)

'Back On Track' is available to listen to in the player below

Vandalene - Back On Track (MP3 320kbps) by Renegade Screw

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