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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Release 03 on Renegade Screw (RS03) - Blind Foley - Leith Mindstate EP

Blind Foley - Leith Mindstate EP
Year: 2010


1. Rain On Leith
2. Cordoba
3. Swell Box
4. Penguin Parade
5. Mmm Banana Flats I Love You
6. Kung-Fu Kick

The first Blind Foley release on Renegade Screw sees him doused in jazz and set alight in a fire of funk on an eclectic musical journey through Edinburgh's dark wet streets.

This journey makes its way through an incredible number of genres and influences ranging from the ambient yet majestic 'Rain on Leith', the DnB tinged 'Banana Flats...' and ending on the magnificent 'Kung-Fu Kick' which showcases the artists very special brand of minimal techno.

Whilst comparisons can be made to artists such as Four Tet and Mr Scruff, this EP still manages to retain a sound of it's own and would certainly not sound out of place on the Ninja Tunes label.

The tracks are available to stream on the new music player at the bottom of the page.

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  1. Well, interesting. Not so melodic as my fav. "PK1 EP" of Phat Koknoz, but rather strong.
    I don't like such a hard things (IMHO).
    Good luck

  2. Love this Blind Foley EP and am eagerly awaiting his next release. In the future, will there be an option for downloading files in un-compressed format, say FLAC. Seems a shame not to be able to hear the pure digital copy straight from the studio.

    Regards, Allan Carty.