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Renegade Screw is a dynamic young organisation promoting unique explorations into the interconnected worlds of music, arts and poetry. The site features works by a variety of artists based in Luxembourg and Edinburgh.

Bending rules and questioning the format, our artists explore their visions and present them in unique ways.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Release 01 on Renegade Screw (RS01)

This wonderful release from Luxembourg's Phat Koknoz sees him move towards a dubstep / dub oriented sound whilst retaining his trademark 'massive' drums and experimental nature. Additionally, touches of femininity can be found on this release in order to balance the masculine bass(es) and drums.

2 tracks are available to play in the music player at the bottom of the page. All music releases will be available on here both as direct download or as a torrent. The links are below.

Torrent Download (this requires Utorrent or similar)

Direct Download (requires WinZip or similar to open)

Phat Koknoz - Bassball
Year: 2009

1. A Love Song (7:04)
2. Fast Night (05:35)
3. Skrewed (04:39)
4. Untitled 2 (04:04)
5. Radio Lux (05:40)
6. Hair N' B (04:54)
7. Late Night Radio (05:22)


Renegade Screw 2009

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